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Inspiration: Shoe Heaven

Shoe Heaven

Shoe Heaven
Shoe Heaven
Shoe Heaven
Shoe Heaven
Shoe Heaven
Shoe Heaven

The word “EXCEPTIONAL” is used far too often these days, but in the case of the recently completed Shoe Heaven project there really is no other adjective that can describe the finish and quality of this incredible installation.

Early in November 2013 Portview Fit Out began the tendering process with preliminary interviews for potential subcontractors, and very quickly it became evident that only one company possessed the skill, knowledge and experience to deliver one of the most luxurious installations undertaken in the UK if not Europe in recent times.

“It’s the biggest project we have ever done at Harrods in terms of capital expenditure “ said Helen David, The stores fashion director of Woman’s wear, accessories and fine jewellery. “Every department store worth its salt has a high-end department for footwear and this is how Harrods does Shoe Hall”

The installation took nearly 4000 man hours with 31 highly skilled tillers at peak delivery a quality of breath taking workmanship that will leave observers speechless on every viewing, this was something verging on MAGICAL….

150 Sliver travertine columns with crown headers greet the visitor as they enter the department, with each column requiring 40 separate mitres, all cut with precision on site. The crown headers lifted into place and mechanically fixed to produce a visual that would easily compare with the finest Roman or Greek palace.

Black Nero Marquina outlines the Moleanos and Grig D tessellated flooring, with each individual bay having its own bespoke design and finish, to complete the feeling of luxury solid brass trims create a continuous transition between different finishes and different departments. Bold Art Deco patterns merge with neo classical designs to create flowing impressions.

At the entrance to each brand the individual demarcation is produced with 50 x 50 x 600 solid Nero bands of stone with book matched detail, these sections where mechanically fixed with moon glass to cover the brackets to guarantee maximum impact with this beautiful design, in essence the floor appears to floating producing an ethereal effect which adds to the subdued ambience of the area.

We then reach the pinnacle of the installation; the rotundas are possible the most talked about area of this extraordinary development, each piece is completed with 3 separate sections of marble cut and adhered, then polished on site to produce an incredible feature sweeping its way across the floor to entice the observer to enter the area. The detail involved in this section alone is a masterclass in the art of natural stone installation, each singular piece exquisitely crafted to create an elaborate and intricate design highlighting the natural beauty of the stone.

Throughout the entire space the visitor’s eye is drawn to exceptional detail around columns, archways and floors, the vast majority of these were cut and installed on site, each piece cut with precision and accuracy that only a craftsman at the height of his profession could produce.

Trainor Contracts began the project in March 2014 and completed 20 weeks later delivering the works completely snag free and ahead of programme, the entire installation was micro managed by Peter Trainor with the assistance of our incredible team, as our commercial manager Stephen Dorée commented “ This will be one to tell your grandchildren about !”

Skill and expertise have produced elegance and style that has become synonymous with Trainor Contracts, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard that will stand the test of time and represent our company’s ethic.

Exceptional is greatly used but industry experts and competitors alike all agree Harrods Shoe heaven has been exceptionally produced by Trainor Contracts.

The Harrods department store is known throughout the world for its luxury and quality, with over 15 million visitor’s walking the halls every single year.

Shoe Heaven is the ultimate destination for lady’s footwear, launched in August 2014 the department measures circa 3,900 square meters of outstanding class and distinction and has already surpassed all expectations from staff, management and visitors alike.

Located on the fifth floor of the Knightsbridge store (Owned by the Qatar investment authority) the area is reclaimed from an original back of house space, the new interior is both sympathetic and references the original interior architecture, the design is respectful of this world renowned prestigious department store but shows that the store is looking forward to the future with “on trend” layouts assisting the visitor experience and stamping their mark in the highly competitive luxury good market.

This will be the benchmark for generations to come.

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