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Magee Tiling Contracts Ltd

Magee Tiling Contracts Ltd

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Magee Tiling Contracts Ltd

Est: 2013

Address: 12 Coolnasilla Park South, Belfast, BT11 8LF

Telephone: 2890301468

Mobile: 07729 899205


Website: Magee Tiling Contracts Ltd

Company profile

We are a fourth generation tiling business with a highly respected reputation working throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Magee Tiling Contracts have a long proven track record for providing reliable, high quality, cost effective solutions. All contracts are delivered on time a sustainable, safe, considerate working environment, spanning all market sectors. We take the utmost care with each and every one of our contracts. We work with you collaboratively through each and every step of the construction process.


Concrete Grinding and Polishing, Domestic Installation Fixing, Natural Stone Fixing, Staircases, Swimming Pools, Wall tiling, Wet Rooms


Address: 12 Coolnasilla Park South, Belfast, BT11 8LF