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Slip Resistance of Hard Flooring

The Paper has been written with the aim of providing advice for all parties involved in the process of designing and using floor areas with ceramic tiling, and should be used in conjunction with current and forthcoming British, European and International Standards on tiles, tile related products and tile installation.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 …History of the problem
1.2 …Purpose of technical paper
2 Scope of this document
2.1 …Fired ceramic flooring products
2.2 …Non-fired flooring products
2.3 …Natural flooring stone
2.3.1 ……Tereatment of natural stone
3 Environment and locaiton
4 The phyisics of slip
4.1 …Pedestrian requirements
4.2 …Devleopment of friction
4.3 …The role of the shoe
4.4 …The role of the barefoot
4.5 …The role of the floor
4.6 …Testing
4.7 …Factors affects the formation of the film
4.8 …Standards relating to testing
5 Testing methods
5.1 …Dynamic Test (Tortus)
5.2 …Ramp
5.3 …Pendulum
5.4 …Static Test (Pull Meter)
6 Interpretation of results
6.1 …Existing recommendations
6.2 …Suggested values
7 Design considerations and factors affecting slip
8 Cleaning and maintenance
9 Bibliography and sources of reference
10 Definition of terms
11 Members of the working group