If you are CITB registered you can apply for grants when undertaking training such as TTA Technical Masterclasses.

CITB currently fund the following TTA Technical Masterclasses, granted per attendee through the CITB levy:

  • Guidelines for tiling – £60
  • Internal Ceramic tiling to sheet and board substrates – £140
  • Large format tiles for internal tiling – £140
  • Tiling in wet rooms — £140
  • Tiling to calcium sulfate (anhydrite) screeds – £140

If you are a registered employer with a PAYEE and NET CIS wage bill of under £120,000 then you do not pay anything, but you can still claim the grants and funding. If your wage bill is between £120,000 and £399,999 you qualify for a 50% discount, anything over £400,000 you pay the full levy, which is 0.35% of the PAYEE figure and 1.25% of the NET CIS figure. Each year you will need to complete this information to determine if you need to pay a levy or not. To register your company follow the link. You will be provided with a unique reference number. When booking training with TTA quote this number and CITB will pay the grants directly to you.

For further information, speak to your local CITB Engagement Advisor. You may also visit the CITB website.

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