Not happy with a recent tiling job? We can help you

TTA offers a Technical Inspection service to anyone not happy with a recent tiling job. One of our highly experienced Technical Inspectors will come to the site (domestic or commercial) to inspect the tiling.

They assess the tiling workmanship against relevant British and European Standards and provide a detailed written document of the inspection with their findings and conclusion. This report can be used in court as evidence and expert witness, should the dispute go to that level.

How to apply

Download the Technical Inspection booking form as below.
Then return it to

We will then contact you to confirm your need for inspection and arrange payment.

After payment has been received, one of our inspectors will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the inspection to take place. Following the inspection, you will receive a written official report detailing the inspector’s findings and conclusion in accordance with relevant British Standards.


Pricing for a technical inspection is dependent on the size of the area to be inspected.

Members will receive 20% discount on listed prices.

A desktop inspection can be carried out, which is where photographs are submitted and a report is written based upon those. Please be aware that desktop reports may not be sufficient for court evidence. To see if this is applicable to you, please email

The inspector’s travel expenses may also be payable for a site inspection.

Where it becomes necessary to remove a tile/tiles during inspection, additional charges apply.

For any inspection of tiling installations under 25sqm which may be in dispute or subject to court proceedings, additional charges may apply dependent upon the level of post-inspection involvement required of the inspector.

Tiling Project over 100sqm2 price on application.

Technical Inspection T&Cs