Published March 4, 2024

TTA member Fired Earth were proud to be awarded as the Best Distributor in Non-EU Europe at Cevisama during the International and Domestic Distribution Awards ceremony. The achievement recognises how Fired Earth deliver on its company philosophy – to offer beautiful, authentic products made from honest materials.

In a grand celebration of professionalism and dedication, Cevisama 2024 (26th February–1st March) honoured the vital contributions of distributors to the ceramic tile and bathroom equipment industries. The much-anticipated International and Domestic Distribution Awards ceremony took place on Tuesday 27th February at 6pm in the Plaza Activa, situated within the heart of Feria Valencia.

Carmen Álvarez, Cevisama’s director, said: “These awards aim to acknowledge and endorse the hard work and professionalism of distributors who have adeptly navigated market changes over the years.” The accolades not only celebrate the sector’s achievements but also its crucial role in bridging the gap between producers and consumers, thereby enriching the end consumer experience.

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