TTA issues new guidance regarding the ban on combustible materials in external wall systems of habitable buildings

January 2019

A ban on the use of combustible materials in external wall systems over 18m came into effect on 21 December 2018. This affects TTA members who work in the external facades market and also those who work with mesh-backed thin porcelain tiles or panels and others which are classed as combustible. The only materials which are classed as non-combustible or of limited combustibility are those which are either Class A1 or Class A2/S1 when tested to EN13501-1.

CPD providers with relevant material should now review their material to ensure that it reflects the permitted use of their product(s) against the Building Regulations 2010 (2010 No. 2214), relevant amendments including The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 (2018 No. 1230) and where applicable, Approved Document guidance, which supports the technical ?parts? of the Building Regulations, together with Regulation 7.

The amendments have also defined a limit on product uses on specific building types. As such, where products may be suitable for one application, they may not be suitable for others. All CPD material must be clear in defining the scope of use, not only the building type, but building heights over 18m above ground level (see regulations for definition on ?above ground level?, Section (2), Paragraph (4) for further information), together with product certification.

A list of product exclusions has been published within The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 (2018 No. 1230), and should also be read in conjunction with the other supporting documents to give due consideration to the wider impact on product specification.