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About Wedi Systems (UK) Ltd

TTA Awards 2023 Finalist Medal

wedi is the industry leader of innovative tilebacker solutions and has been for over 39 years. At the core of the business is the continued drive to adapt and develop its products and system solutions to best suit the ever growing challenges of the construction industry.

Dedicated to people and the environment, wedi is a certified EcoProfit operation with certified energy (ISO 50001), environmental (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001) management systems. Its products are manufactured with 100% green energy and with at least 25% recycled XPS foam material in a completely environmentally friendly process. What is more, wedi building boards and shower elements have internationally recognised environmental product declarations that provide quantitative information of the environmental footprint throughout the entire life span of these products. In addition, all products are characterised by their extremely light weight, meaning less transportation weight and lower carbon footprint as a result!

All elements are 100% waterproof to the core, thermally insulating (0.036 W/mK), stable and load-bearing (133kg/m2) offering a floor-to-ceiling full system solution with an unrivalled peace of mind for projects of all kinds; wedi is the only XPS manufacturing company whose products received the European Technical Approval for ‘sealing of floors and walls in wet rooms’ as a result, no additional sealing/tanking or special elements outside the standard range are required.

Declaring the utmost quality of its products and commitment to its clientele, far beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, wedi offers a voluntary 10-year product quality guarantee on its standard product range.

From building boards in different sizes and formats through flush-to-floor shower elements to pre-formed functional design elements such as niches, shower seats or ready-to-use partitions to mention only a few, every element is designed to interlock with one another and with wedi system accessories filling the gaps, they provide solid and secure, premium-quality foundations for direct tiling.

Bonus: wedi elements produce very little dust when worked on and hence contribute to a safer working environment.

Committed to its present clientele, the quality of life of future generations and nature, wedi continues to set high standards in the tilebacker industry. Plan green, think blue know your XPS!

Wedi Systems (UK) Ltd were TTA Award finalists in 2021, and 2023.

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