Published February 5, 2024

NBS, a leading specification and product data platform for the construction industry, has announced its partnership with The Tile Association (TTA) to promote standards and guidance within tiling specifications to the broader construction industry.

The partnership marks the joining of two recognised industry leaders – TTA, the UK’s only independent association for the tiling industry, and NBS, a company rooted in improving industry and compliance through digital data adoption.

Together, both companies will work to raise brand awareness amongst their members and customers. TTA members will also be offered guidance on how NBS can support the specification stage of a building project through its Source platform. Specifically, how product information can be delivered in an easy and accessible way to help specifiers in the early design stages.

NBS is also offering all TTA members a 10% discount on first year subscriptions to NBS Source and the RIBA CPD Providers Network, helping members to improve the way they target architectural practices and organisations as well as showcase their products.

NBS Source is a platform designed to give specifiers everything they need to find, select, and specify manufacturers’ products.

As a leading voice in industry competency, TTA is looking to establish closer links with specifiers by providing them with access to quality technical information and raising awareness of its membership network, ensuring consistent quality specifications across the construction chain.

The RIBA CPD Providers Network, delivered by NBS, gives product manufacturers the opportunity to provide education about their products to architects who if registered are required to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually.

Commenting on the partnership, Russell Haworth, CEO at NBS part of Byggfakta UKI Group, said: “Understanding how to present and offer information to specifiers is a critical element of the building design process. Linking with TTA is an obvious next step, and it will help their members to understand architects’ needs and motives.

“Time is always of the essence but this should never be at the cost of building accuracy. Knowing how to provide precise, high-quality information in an efficient way promotes industry best practice and aligns both manufacturers and specifiers on a greater scale.

“Both organisations are set on driving quality across the built environment and the partnership means the industry can work more effectively, delivering higher standards overall. Having such a high-valued trade association on board is another feather in the cap for NBS.”

Kay Porter, CEO of TTA, comments: “NBS Source and the RIBA CPD Providers Network are useful tools which will benefit TTA members involved in the specification process and overall supports TTA’s goal of raising tiling industry standards.”

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