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Slip Resistance Testing

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing is now available to all, and is available to TTA members at a discounted rate. The Pendulum test method is the only slip resistance test used by the HSE.

Slip resistance is an important issue for all aspects of the floor coverings industry. Slipping is the single most common cause of injury in the UK, comprising 40% of all injuries and costing the NHS £133m in terms of bed days each year.

Floor tiles are not inherently slippery when clean and dry, but the slip resistance of any type of floor covering can significantly reduce if it becomes contaminated by any form of lubricants, such as water or dust, depending upon the floor’s surface texture and footwear used.

Following work by a specialist Working Group of TTA’s Technical Committee, the Association updated a Technical Document last year entitled Slip Resistance of Hard Flooring. Along with other TTA Technical Publications, this has recently been approved by RIBA for CPD purposes.

Testing is available to TTA members for a discounted rate of £130 + VAT per tile and is available to non-members for £160 + VAT per tile. This will provide an independent, indicative test.

Call TTA office on 0300 365 8453 or email to book.