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HMRC Live Webinars

PAYE isn’t just about working out tax and National Insurance. What if your employee is having a baby, goes off sick or wants you to pay them job-related expenses? HMRC wants to make payroll easier for employers.

During October, they?re offering a range of free webinars to help employers with everything from the basics of getting started and how to use our free payroll software to working out statutory payments and reimbursing employee expenses.

07 Oct at 13:00 PAYE using Basic PAYE Tools

08 Oct at 12:00 Statutory Sick Pay

08 Oct at 16:00 Statutory Payments for Births

13 Oct at 11:00 PAYE Expenses and Benefits

13 Oct at 13:00 PAYE Expenses and Benefits

When you click a registration link, you will be asked to provide your name and a valid email address, so that HMRC can send you a link to attend.

You do not need a camera or microphone to attend a webinar. Even if you do have these, the webinar will not activate them, and the presenters will not be able to see or hear you.

If you wish, you can still ask questions by typing them into the text box in the webinar screen. Our presenters will explain how to do this during the webinar.