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Not happy with a tiling job? Find out how we can help

Have you recently had tiles fitted and not happy with the tiling job? Are you wondering what to do? Find out how we can help with our technical inspection service.

It can be daunting when you’ve had tiling work done and don’t believe the work completed meets the standards required. You feel like you don’t want to pay for subpar work, but that you may struggle to prove the work has not met the standards. With The Tile Association, we’ll check the work against relevant standards and provide a report on our findings.

How can you spot a bad tiling job?

  • Crooked tiles
  • Poor tile cuts
  • Large or inconsistent grout lines
  • Uneven tiles
  • The edging pieces don?t meet up at the corners

Do you feel your tiling job fits into any of these? Well, how can we at TTA help?

We can help you by providing a technical inspection. We offer a technical inspection service to anyone who is unhappy with a recent tiling job, we can help because we act as a tiling expert witness and provide years of experience in tiling, helping you to prove whether a tiling job is bad or not, and providing the legal evidence if needed. One of our highly experienced Technical Inspectors will come to the site to inspect the tiling job.

How do they assess the job? Well, our Technical Inspectors assess the job against relevant British and European Standards and provide a detailed written document of the inspections with their findings and conclusion. This report, provided by our tiling expert witness, can be used in court as evidence – should the case go that far.

Take a look at our Technical Inspection service page for more information and how to book an inspection with us.