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The search is on across the country for the next Master Craftsmen

The Tile Association has urged the finest tile fixers across the UK to apply for the Master Craft Award, the highest honour that can be bestowed in the industry.

The TTA worked closely over a number of years with the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers to reinstate Master Craftsmen into the wall and floor tiling industry in 2012.

The aim was to achieve a structured basis on which the industry can recognise Master Craftsmen in tile fixing as those who have not only advanced their skills beyond the measure of conventional qualifications, but who are also seen as mentors and role models for those following in their footsteps. The result is the Master Craft Award.

There are currently only four holders of this award in the whole of the UK wall and floor tile industry, and the TTA wants to recommend two more to the Worshipful Company in time for the next awards ceremony in the lavish surroundings of the City of London in March 2015.

Bob Howard MBE, chairman of the TTA’s tile fixer training committee, said: “We anticipate that there will only be a small percentage of tile fixers in the UK who will be able to meet the criteria, and we really want to hear from them.

“We’re looking for tile fixers who can complete a range of difficult and complicated work, who have extensive knowledge and experience, and who are able to pass their skills and experience on to the new generation of fixers coming through.

“We can only put the very best people forward to the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers as our chosen recipients of the Master Craft Award, and we look forward to receiving applications.”

Tile fixers who want to apply for the Master Craft Award should call the Tile Association on 0300 3658453 or email to start the application process. Applications have to be submitted to the TTA by 1st September 2014, so fixers are urged to get in touch to start their application as soon as possible.

Applicants will have to prove, through producing evidence and demonstrating knowledge in a portfolio, that they meet the criteria to be considered for the Master Craft Award. The Award is open to tile fixers of all ages, and both members and non-members of The Tile Association.