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The Tile Association’s Ongoing Commitment to Industry Standards

The mission of the TTA is to promote professionalism and technical standards in the tiling industry.In order to further that aim, the Association is heavily involved in drafting technical standards for the industry, including the BSI.

David Talbot of the TTA chairs the BSI drafting committee for tiling, known as B539, and in total nine members of the Association sit on the committee. During the past two years, the committee has revised and extensively updated BS5385, the Code of Practice for the ?Design and installation of ceramic, natural stone and mosaic wall tiling in normal conditions?.

Members of B539 also represent the UK in European and international drafting committees relevant to the tiling sector. Brian G Newell, TTA director and chair of TTA Technical Committee is the UK delegation leader on European Standards (CEN) and International Standards (ISO).

Brian G Newell chairs ISO TC189 WG6 which, during 2013/14 drafted ISO TR17870 Part 1, ?Installation of ceramic wall and floor tiles? and ISO TR17870 Part 2, ?Installation of thin ceramic wall and floor tiles and panels?. Part 2 is of considerable importance to the industry and is being published this month. It represents the first ISO installation guidelines ever published.

Later this year the working group will proceed to draft Part 3 of the ISO guidelines ?Mesh-back reinforced thin ceramic wall and floor tiles and panels?. Brian G Newell has also been instrumental in the setting up of an ISO working group, tasked with drafting minimum performance values and test methods for evaluating sheets and boards used for installing ceramic wall and floor tiles.

In recognition of his work, Brian G Newell received the first ever ?International Standards Maker? award for the tiling industry by the BSI at a ceremony in London last year.