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Top tips for 2016 TTA Awards entries

TTA Awards

The Tile Association has produced some top tips to help member companies write that award-winning entry for the 2016 TTA Awards.

The prestigious 2016 TTA Awards will be held on 14th May next year. As always, they will recognise the cream of the industry’s people, projects and products across 18 categories, with a gala evening of celebration and entertainment at St John’s Hotel and Conference Centre in Solihull.

Entries can be submitted online now – free of charge – with a deadline of 31st December.

There is additional guidance for each category on the TTA Awards website, so make sure you have a look.

Here are some general tips on putting together an entry to wow the judges…


Your entry is your one and only opportunity to convince the judges that you deserve to win a prestigious 2016 TTA Award. So put some time in your diary to work on your submission ? you’ll reap the rewards if you do. And whatever you do, don’t leave it till the last minute!


Make sure that everyone involved in the project or product you’re entering is involved in putting the submission together. Have a brainstorming session to make sure you are covering all the main points and are really selling your product, project or person to the judges.


The main awards submission has a maximum of 750 words. But that’s a maximum; you don’t have to use every one. It’s much better to use fewer words and make them all count, so be succinct and to the point. Cut out the waffle.

Think about how you present the text and make it as easy as possible for the judges to read. Use sub-headings to split the text into manageable chunks. When you’ve finished, get feedback from other people ? does it make sense to them?


  • Tile Fixer of the Year
  • Employee of the Year
  • Trainee of the Year
  • Trainee Tile Fixer of the Year

For these categories, submissions need to explain what the person has achieved in 2015. It could be projects they have worked on, qualifications they have gained or are working towards, where they have really excelled and gone above and beyond. The submission should tell the judges something about the person ? their attitude and approach to their work. Short testimonials from customers, colleagues and others will help to bring the submission to life.


  • Wall Tile of the Year
  • Floor Tile of the Year

For submissions in these categories, the judges will want to see evidence of what has made your tile the best in the business in 2015. Technical information on production and manufacture is important, but also try to give some evidence of how the tile has been used if possible.


  • Best Use of Tile in a Commercial Contract
  • Best Use of Tile in the Leisure or Hospitality Industry
  • Best Use of Tile in a Domestic Environment
  • Best Environmental Initiative
  • Best Innovation

The project categories are always keenly contested at the TTA Awards, so make sure your submission really stands out. Explain all elements of the project, from conception through to implementation and beyond. How did you work with other companies and contractors? Testimonials will help to bring your entry to life.


  • Excellence in Marketing
  • Excellence in Independent Retailing
  • Excellence in Multiple Retailing
  • Excellence in Tile Distribution
  • Excellence in Tile Contracting
  • Excellence in Manufacturing

There’s a key word in these awards categories ? excellence! What has your business done in 2015 to really stand out, what work are you especially proud of?

As well as the main submission for all awards categories, you also have to submit a much shorter summary (up to 75 words). This is your awards submission in a nutshell. Write this after you’ve finished the main submission and pick out the key points.


As well as submitting your logo, you can also send the judges up to five photographs for each award entry. Make sure that the photos really sell your product/project/person. Make reference to the photos if needed in your awards submission.

So what are you waiting for?

Use these tips ? and the more detailed guidance for each category ? to put together your award-winning entry at

The deadline for entries is 31st December, with the finalists in each category set to be announced at the end of March 2016.