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About Bellota Tools

Bellota is a Spanish company with over 100 years history in designing and manufacturing quality tools for the construction industries.? Within their extensive range is a selection of high quality tiling hand tools and related products which are breathtakingly well made and an absolute pleasure to use.

Our history – Founded in 1908 by Patricio Echeverria, a master metalworker, Bellota tools began life with a modest business model with the manufacturing process from smelting to finishing, carried out in one location. ?Patricio had a passion for tool design, he felt that the tools available at the time were uncomfortable and of poor quality.? Patricio set out to create tools that were both easy to work with and of high quality.? His belief in producing quality tools is still a core value for Bellota today.

Now, with 9 manufacturing plants distributed around Europe and America, and a workforce of over 2000 people, BELLOTA is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for tiling tools and related products in many countries worldwide.

Focusing on delivering the best quality tools to the market, BELLOTA designs their complete range and manufactures the best tools for the most demanding professionals at a price you can afford!

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Bellota Tools were TTA Award finalists in 2016 and 2017.


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